Young Reacts #46

It was a stressful week for me. I ended up having 6 out of 9 scheduled chats, with both hits and misses. While I learned quite a bit and met some interesting people I would like to keep in touch going forward, I felt burned out by the end of the week. Devoting this much time hampered both my work and personal life. I will probably allocate less time and be more selective in accepting 1:1s in the coming month.

Anyhows, this week covers quite a few topics on infrastructure. I hope you enjoy them! I am going to get some more rest…

Photo by Cris Saur on Unsplash

People ❤️

On Messing Up Your Remote Team—And Then Getting It Right

Remote workers at the nascent stage did not work out despite the commitment from the founding team to build a remote team. After setting up a needed structure for clear direction and communication, they were able to perform at a high level.

Daily Stand-up Injection of Guilt

The author’s assumption of general mediocrity and complacency is not my cup of tea. I also believe some form of pushing information (or status meetings) can lead to serendipitous findings. But I do agree that employees should be educated on what’s expected of them and how their work impacts the business. (See open-book management)

Software Engineering 🌐

Deploy on Fridays, or Don’t.

I pushed to achieve Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment wherever I worked. Continuously deploying is not always the best course action, and you need to make a risk/reward tradeoff. How likely will this change cause failures? How impactful will the failures be? If the deployment at the given moment is not worthwhile, there is no shame in waiting for the right time.

The State of Serverless, circa 2019

Serverless and JAM stack are gaining significant steam thanks to their “no-code” architecture. They may not be appropriate for large tech companies, but they provide easy wins to the resource-constrained.

DevOps: Now and to the Future

A slide deck on a comprehensive overview of the DevOps movement with more in-depth readings.

Confluent Schema Registry for Kafka

I never thought of this, but I can see that the number of schemata keeps increasing over time in the event-driven architecture, which could make maintenance a nightmare. Schema Registry is a solution where you can store the schemata and load them to parse a JSON per the stored schema dynamically.

Business 💸

GitLab reset –hard bad1dea: Biz U-turns, unbans office political chat, will vet customers

One memorable quote that I wholeheartedly agree with: “Deciding not to turn down customers on “moral/value” grounds is still a “moral/value” choice.

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