Young Reacts #51

I have been running my personal development OKR for the last two years. I will report my results for November since it ended this weekend, and I feel extra motivated for this final month of 2019.

On the upside, I read more about Blockchain and Web in November than in October. I also ate fewer sweets and gave feedback more often at work. On the downside, however, I failed to read books consistently (I have more trouble when I am reading nonfiction). I did not meditate or follow Mckenzie exercise as much as I had hoped because of the holiday disruptions. I am most disappointed that I couldn’t make writing a daily habit. Overall, I slightly regressed compared to October from the overall score of 0.63 to 0.60.

In December, I will focus on two goals: to write 100 words every day using and to ask for feedback at work every day.

If you are curious, you can see my current goals and past results here.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

People ❤️

The Firefox UI is now built with Web Components

I didn’t find the technology or the decision unusual. But I loved reading about their process, where the team designed and compared different approaches and communicated their progress. If you are interested in learning more about the way larger engineering organizations operate, this is a good representation of it.

Code less, engineer more

Even though the idea of solving a problem without writing a code scares me about my job security, doing what’s best for the business will help me in the long run. Education, a process, and a spreadsheet are all useful tools to have.

Software Engineering 🌐

SwiftUI Architectures: Model-View, Redux & MVVM

I am fascinated by how similarly apps on different platforms, web, android, and iOS, manage their states despite different terminologies. I parallel the fore-mentioned SwiftUI Architectures to the following React patterns: View in Model-View is stateful like stateful React components. ViewModel in MVVM abstracts common states like a common React hook or high-order-component does. Redux is, well, Redux.

Space in Design Systems

Building a sensible layout takes a big chunk of my development time, possibly more than using the correct colors or typography. This article provides helpful vocabularies like inset, stack, and inline, to use for your design system.

A Laundry List of JS libraries: Cockatiel, Yup, and Formik

I found a couple of helpful JS projects.

  • Use Cockatiel to express fault-tolerant policies on node.js such as Retry, Fallback, and Backoff.
  • Use Yup for a Typescript-compatible object validation on UI.
  • Use Formik to manage your forms’ states.

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