Young Reacts #63 – Does It Spark Joy?

My manager left the company last Friday to become a software engineer again since she realized she found more joy in the creative process. I am sad to see someone who put faith in me go. But such is life. With two new members to join my team and without a full-time manager, the next couple of months will open up new opportunities for me to learn and grow.

PS: Her writing on her move, which I copied the title Does It Spark Joy? from, is one of those writings that make one ponder about one’s career and life. I recommend it highly.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

People ❤

The loneliness of management

When I was managing a team, I loved having a support group of trusted fellow managers. I could vent and get insights without worrying about repercussions. The group is what I miss the most since I left Korea to join Netflix. I keep thinking about how best to start something similar here.

How to break the “senior engineer” career ceiling

The level I am at, “Senior Engineer,” is often called “the terminal level” since one does not have to advance to stay with the company. But I also feel that the industry calls it “terminal” because there isn’t a clear way to progress past this level. This post describes what it means to be more than a “Senior Engineer.”

Every Leader Needs to Navigate These 7 Tensions

This HBR article reminds me that there is no easy answer to leadership. The tensions I experience more often in Netflix’s bottom-up culture are the Expert vs. the Learner, the Teller vs. the Listener, and the Constant vs. the Adapter.

Software Engineering 🌐

ronami/meta-typing: Functions and algorithms implemented purely with TypeScript’s type system

There has been an interesting discussion about Typescript’s type system’s Turing completeness. I don’t know how one proves the completeness. But this repo is a mindblowing example of Typescript’s expressive type system.

Helpful GraphQL Articles

To help my coworker who never used GraphQL before, I compiled a list of GraphQL articles I learned from. I hope the list is useful for you too.

Business 💸

Arbs Exploit DeFi to Make $900k in Seconds; Provoke Soul-Searching in the Process

With so many components, decentralized finance opens up a new exploit angle. The diagrams included in the article are super helpful in understanding how the exploits went down last week.

How to explain the loss of the cookie to your family and friends (and why you should)

Cookies have been the centerpiece of AdTech. With Google’s public announcement to restrict its usages, the industry will change drastically. As a former AdTech engineer, I am curious to see the coming changes.

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