Young Reacts #66 – Remote Working Recap

It has been a challenging week for me since I started working remotely. I wrote about my work from home experience.

People ❤

My focus this week has been on remote working. These guides should help you get more comfortable working from home.

Remote – William Blankenship

Remote work is not inferior to office work. A lot of people just assume so, but we can start by questioning that assumption together.

How to be Effective at Working Remotely – Brady Voss

I loved the analogy of a remote relationship. While people may be tempted to blame physical remoteness when balls get dropped, we can only overcome the challenges through more intentional, proactive communication from both sides.

Working from Home — a Guide – Charles Patterson

The line between work life and personal life gets blurred when we work from home. We are all better served by separating physical space or following a routine to mark the start and end of work.

Software Engineering 🌐

dataloader-codegen – Yelp

If you want to start creating GraphQL endpoint on top of RESTful API, this library will simplify the process of wiring GraphQL resolvers to the API.

Zod: Typescript-first schema validation with static type inference – Colin McDonnell

This library is not necessary if you use typed API, like GraphQL or generated clients. But if you have REST API prone to produce unexpected results, Zod and io-ts seem to be the best options available.

Alternatives to enums in TypeScript – Axel Rauschmayer

As I have only worked on apps, not libraries, I never thought about runtime checks for Javascript. It is good to learn about different techniques. If you aren’t interested in specifics, my recommendation is to stick to String Enum.

Business 💸

Ether Plunge Tests DeFi Giant While Ripple Effects Have Just Begun – Camila Russo

There has been yet another hack against the new decentralized finance. Will open-source ever be able to protect its investors from the hacks and pitfalls?

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