Young Reacts #70

This is my quote of the week. Yes, I have more time since I don’t commute anymore. But life is still too short:

People ❤

Using 6 Page and 2 Page Documents To Make Organizational Decisions by Ian Nowland

Memo reading and writing are a huge part of Netflix culture. Yet, it is hard to find a decent guide to write an effective memo. I like the concrete structure provided by the guide, heavily influenced by Amazon’s memo culture.

Why I’m leaving Elm by Luke Plant

Luke’s rather long account and the reader’s comments remind me that the governance of open source projects is as important as the technology, and certainly more important than the number of stars, or downloads.

Software Engineering 🌐

Developing in a Monorepo While Still Using Webpack by Salem Hilal

Webpack performance is hard. Etsy’s open-sourced solution, Kevin, is optimized for a monorepo build performance by setting up and tearing down compartmentalized Webpack servers on demand. That will help with a gradual upgrade of the build system, too.

Deploys at Slack by Michael Deng and Jonathan Chang

I am a bit surprised to read that Slack mutates its infra to deploy. I assume mutating is faster than baking immutable images but feels a bit risky. How would one know if the correct version is running on a particular instance when the file sync fails?

gqless or gqlful? by Marc-André Giroux

One section (Declarative, Static Queries) stood out to me. Type-safe flexibility is a significant benefit of GraphQL. However, that flexibility hinders performance monitoring and optimization. As we scale GraphQL internally at Netflix, we need to think about those two aspects.

Note: gqless is a new library that goes one step beyond babel-blade. On top of dynamically creating queries for the required data in components, it even hides that the components are querying for remote data.

Business 💸

Newspapers to lose £50m in online ads as firms use coronavirus ‘blacklist’ by The Guardian

The old media is going through another extinction event. So much of coverage is on coronavirus, but no advertiser wants to be associated with it.

F1 Virtual Grand Prix! Full Race | Albert Park Circuit by Formula 1

Esports is the only sports in 2020. Even Formula 1 is forced to use F1 esports to keep fans engaged. The virtual races will occur on the planned Grandprix weekends on the same circuits, featuring some of the current F1 drivers.

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