Young Reacts #77 – The Third Age of JavaScript, Attracting Feedback

I am keeping this one short because I have been feeling unwell. It is exhausting to see what’s been happening. But I will stay kind and be the change I want to see. Please take care of yourself, physically and emotionally.

Software Engineering 🌐

The Third Age of JavaScript – Shawn Wang

Typescript, Babel, and Webpack are awesome. But have you heard about Roma, Snowpack, Deno, Redwood? I am especially looking forward to the future with faster Typescript compilation and little, or no JS bundling.

Nulls in GraphQL: Cheatsheet – Hasura

I don’t agree that a GraphQL schema should default to nullable fields because 1. not all partial data is useful, and 2. the query ergonomics can suffer from too many nullable fields. But the last section on the description of how different client behaves is worth reading. I, unfortunately, had to learn Apollo client’s default behavior once a bug broke a feature on production.

What is GraphQL Inspector? – The Guild

A healthy GraphQL schema is backward-compatible. This tool, GraphQL Inspector, can warn you if you are breaking the schema by mistake.


Attracting Feedback – Chelsea Troy

We all know about the art of giving feedback, but we should also learn the art of attracting feedback. Since giving feedback is hard, we need to make it as easy as possible. There are several tactics, but I especially liked the idea of “publicly praising them for the feedback.”

The public do not understand logarithmic graphs used to portray COVID-19Romano, Sotis, Dominioni, and Guidi

The study also reminds me that just because I am saying something, that doesn’t mean the other person has understood what I mean. Communication is collaborative.

Business 💸

Epic’s Flywheel & Unreal Engine – Matthew Ball, and Jacob Navok

I got two takeaways here: 1. Unreal Engine’s application is reaching beyond gaming, namely virtual content production. 2. Because of the network effect on the developers, the Engine will get the most investment and likely retain its dominance for the foreseeable future. The gaming industry never ceases to amaze me.

Remember George Floyd

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