Young React #83 –

I am reading this book on the life of a British on-demand courier (think UberEats or Doordash driver), and it’s been eye-opening. I realize I haven’t paid much attention to the human cost of these platforms where the companies offload the risk and the variability onto those individuals, hiding behind the faceless apps. As builders of these platforms, we engineers can and should affect changes for a more equitable platform. We all are workers.

Riding for Deliveroo: Resistance in the New Economy

Software Engineering 🌐

🌟 – Google Developers

This report compares the documented capabilities of the most popular web bundlers. I was surprised to find that Rollup ranked higher than Webpack. But before you switch your bundlers to Rollup, there are two caveats: first, the test only uses the documented features. It may be possible to achieve what you need with other bundlers. Second, you may not need all these capabilities.
On the website, you can go deeper to see what individual tests are and how they are measured.

Getting Started with FAST Components – Microsoft

I’ve never seen a component library based on WebComponents, and FAST is the first one. From its documentation, I learned how to integrate with a WebComponent library and to create WebComponents. I loved that the codebase was in Typescript, which made it easier to follow its code. I wonder how to typecheck the usages of web component libraries when the hosting code is in Typescript.

Cascading Cache Invalidation – Philip Walton

I haven’t run into this problem of cascading cache invalidation since I haven’t tried code-splitting yet. But I still found this invalidation problem intellectually stimulating.

People ❤

My Time as a Black Woman Software Engineer at Capital One – Sailor Ghoul

This article is a horrific recount of how bad management and lack of support for BIPOC colleagues can leave lasting damage not just on their career but on their health as well.

Business 💸

The Slack Social Network – Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson argues that Microsoft Teams is a vertically integrated product, whereas Slack is a horizontal product. The argument made sense until Slack acquires an enterprise identity provider service, which will create an entry into other enterprise products.

Silicon Valley Elite Discuss Journalists Having Too Much Power in Private App – Vice

Naturally, the powerful and connected would love to avoid accountability and exposure, and, thus, have tension with the press. But harassment is many steps too far. This specific article is on how Silicon Valley elites attacked a New York Times reporter for her recent reports.

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