Young React #84 – Apollo Client 3, and React Aria

I was notified this week that I passed one major milestone in getting the US pI was notified this week that I passed one major milestone in getting the US permanent residency. So my wife and I hurried to get our paperwork ready as soon as possible. The process asked for everything in my life: my bank statements, all my immigration documents collected over the last 12 years, my birthplace, my parents’ birthplace, my current address, my address five years ago, and so on. It is when faced with this immigration bureaucracy, I feel the most foreign to this place I’d like to call home.

Photo by Christa Dodoo on Unsplash

Software Engineering 🌐

Announcing the Release of Apollo Client 3.0 – Apollo

Apollo Client 3, one of the most popular and powerful GraphQL clients, is finally out of its beta. There are quite a few features, but I look forward to the improved pagination handling and the simplified package the most.

React Aria – Adobe

This React hook library lets you build accessible components by generating the correct props for HTML elements. It is an easy and impactful first step to make an accessible product. My team is already looking into bringing this library into our component library.

New in Chrome: CSS Overview – Robin Rendle

CSS Overview is an experimental addition to Chrome Debugger that shows the used colors, fonts, and unused declarations (super excited about this). I didn’t realize that we have three different blacks and four different dark grays in my codebase 🤦. I won’t use this feature daily, but it would be good to audit our styling periodically.

super-expressive – Francis Stokes

This library adds a more readable DSL to make regex patterns more maintainable and reviewable. I like the idea.

Business 💸

Trump’s freeze on new visas could threaten US dominance in AI – MIT Technology Review

Given the uncertainty around immigration, it does make me wonder if I made the right choice to immigrate here. Once a nation of immigrants, the US does not feel welcoming anymore.

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