Young React #86 – Records & Tuples for React

My wife and I are heading out for a week-long vacation this week. Due to the ongoing pandemic, we will stay at a nearby Airbnb for a change of scenery. I hope you, too, try and make the best of the situation 🌴.

Software Engineering ⚙️

Records & Tuples for React – Sébastien Lorber

Records & Tuples is a stage 2 ECMAScript proposal to introduce native immutable data structures. Sébastien goes into how this could improve React’s unidiomatic techniques like useMemo. But I worry about the performance of the deep equality check, which will scale with the size of the records. Hopefully, the native equality check is faster than what we have now.

Incident Report: TaskRouter JS SDK Security Incident – July 19, 2020 – Twilio

AWS S3 is notoriously tricky to configure correctly, and this incident won’t be the last of its kind. Twilio left one of its public S3 buckets editable by anyone, and a hacker group injected malicious code into the SDK.

The Edge Computing Opportunity: It’s Not What You Think – Cloudflare

This article is a marketing piece from Cloudflare. But it does highlight the changing regulatory landscape as one of the factors developers now need to consider.

Business 💸

The Big Tech Hearing Proved Congress Isn’t Messing Around – Wired

The US Congress held a hearing with the CEOs of the biggest US tech companies, and presented the pointed critiques. With other news of how politics changes tech, this week feels like the beginning of a new chapter.

Microsoft to continue discussions on potential TikTok purchase in the United States – Microsoft

Microsoft officially confirms that it is negotiating a purchase of TikTok operations in the US. There will not be one global “tech” industry as the tension between the US and China escalates.

Hurting People At Scale” – BuzzFeed

This piece summarizes the ongoing internal turmoil at Facebook due to the mismanaged content moderation.

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