Young Reacts #104 – A Failed Internal Transfer

I applied for an internal transfer to an internal platform team for which I couldn’t pass the interview. My friends and family are incredulous that I had to go through an interview again for the internal transfer. While I am also deeply disappointed, I respect that the team stuck to the company’s culture of hiring only the best for the position.

Thankfully, the hiring manager offered to walk me through the solution to help me get prepared for the next time. 😃

Software Engineering ⚙️

Changing Lanes: How Lyft is Migrating 100+ Frontend Microservices to Next.js – Lyft

A JS build system requires an enormous amount of effort to maintain. Multiply by 100, and you get a huge productivity sink across teams. Lyft’s platform team leveraged Next.js for build best practices, jscodeshift for automatic platform upgrades, and Webpack plugins for shared code.

Module Federation: Micro-frontends with webpack 5 – Hege Haavaldsen

I heard of module federation newly introduced in webpack 5, but I never grasped how it could be used until I read this article. I like how simple it is to set the federation up, even though I am wary of relying on matching strings to federate.

New – Use Amazon EC2 Mac Instances to Build & Test macOS, iOS, ipadOS, tvOS, and watchOS Apps – AWS

Now we can build iOS apps on AWS instances. However, the price tag i’ price tag is quite hefty at $25.99 a day, which means you can buy a mini in 77 days. I am curious to see how iOS CI/CD space will evolve.

Artificial Intelligence Incident Database – Partnership on AI

This Database publicizes incidents related to AI, such as self-driving accidents, market flash crashes, and facial recognition biases. The hope is that the industry learns from one another’s mistakes and matures faster. The website looks like it is from the ’90s, but the entries are interesting.

People ❤️

The withering email that got an ethical AI researcher fired at Google – Platformer

Another controversy at Google. The contradictory accounts from the researcher and the department’s head make it hard to understand what exactly happened from the outside. But I could see her frustrations from how she was treated as a woman of color.

Business 💸

WarnerMedia’s CEO explains why he’s blowing up the movie business – Jason Kilar

In 2021, WarnerMedia will release all of its movies via HBO Max on the same day as theater releases. COVID-19 accelerated Hollywood’s transition to streaming by a couple of years. Two things to watch: 1. whether this acceleration took away time from Netflix to grow further, and 2. whether theaters will survive as a medium in the long term.

China’s iQIYI to Produce ‘Roommate’ as its First Korean Original Series – Variety

Many US streaming services are producing local-language originals across the globe. But I never thought of Chinese streaming services. Eyeopening

‘It will change everything’: DeepMind’s AI makes gigantic leap in solving protein structures – Nature

Another one of Deepmind’s breakthrough research. AlphaFold can predict a protein’s structure and function, enabling scientists to understand which genes are related to certain diseases.

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