Young Reacts #105 – @defer and @stream Directives

My mandatory 14-day quarantine finished last Friday. I went out to Seoul, and it was a bit surreal to be around that many strangers. Then I realized it had been more than 9 months since I was anywhere near a crowd. 2020 has been weird and challenging in a deadly way. I hope 2021, with vaccines arriving, is much better.

Photo by Adam Chang on Unsplash

Software Engineering ⚙️

Improving Latency with @defer and @stream Directives – Rob Richard, Liliana Matos

With GraphQL, it is so easy to craft a query that fetches megabytes of data. Large queries like that increase the server response time and slow down client apps that need to parse the response. The new @defer and @stream directives enable fetching a type or a list in a piecemeal fashion.

What’s new with Apollo Client v3 and GraphQL Codegen – Dotan Simha

GraphQL’s true power is in its tooling ecosystem. Dotan Simha, the popular GraphQL Codegen library creator, discusses four plugins that you can today. I plan to adopt @graphql-codegen/fragment-matcher and @graphql-codegen/typescript-apollo-client-helpers this week.

Finding Critical Open Source Projects – Google Open Source Blog

Google Open Source team created a way to rank the importance of open source projects based on the related metrics. I was a bit surprised to find that React Native was ranked higher than React.

People ❤️

Standing with Dr. Timnit Gebru – Google Walkout For Real Change

The controversy around the firing of Dr. Gebru is gaining more steam even as Google CEO Sundar Pichai promised an investigation. The lack of transparency even for the internal folks is jarring.

Evolution of my role as a founder CTO – Miguel Carranza

Miguel Carranza, a CTO of a Series A startup, shares his journey from a two-person company to a team of 19. He is now transitioning from being a technical contributor to an engineering leader. I like that I got to hear a rare story of a non-CEO cofounder.

Business 💸

Announcing Workplace Records for Cloudflare for Teams – Cloudflare

While the idea of remote working from anywhere is liberating, it does make legal and tax problems for the employers; some jurisdictions require you to pay local corporate taxes if your employees work there. That creates a need for a tool like Workplace Records, which tracks where your employees are working.

Death of an Open Source Business Model – Joe Morrison

A popular map rendering library, mapbox-gl-js, just turned proprietary like Redis or MongoDB. Given that the cloud providers all keep adding new features to beat the competition, the venture-backed open-source companies have to figure out how to differentiate.

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