2020 in Review

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Here is my review of 2020, the weirdest year of my life.


I had two career goals:

  • Expand my professional network
  • Embody Netflix culture


  • Led multiple cross-functional projects successfully
  • Transitioned to remote working without a hiccup
  • Had a productive Q1 and Q2 at work
  • Got used to providing positive feedback
  • Gave a public talk to a crowd of 200


  • Couldn’t understand the importance of Q3 and Q4 projects
  • Failed to get enough context on my domain to have a deep insight
  • Still not used to giving constructive feedback honestly
  • Did not expand my professional network outside the talk

Intended Changes

  • Start questioning the underlying assumptions of our projects. I am only as effective as the impact of the projects I work on. I need to make sure that they are worthy of the team’s time.
  • Make time at work to play with new technologies that I am not comfortable with.
  • Be more honest about challenging conversations and my career growth.


I had quite a few personal goals in 2020:

  • Continue to have a happy marriage
  • Rest more
  • Get leaner
  • Reach personal records on big lifts (Bench 225 lbs & Squat 360 lbs & Deadlift 405 lbs)
  • Keep up with the recent trends.
  • Read long forms vs. short forms


  • Stayed healthy throughout the year
  • Daily walks with my wife gave us more focused time with each other without devices.
  • Ran 10k in one go (first time ever!)
  • Published my newsletter every week
  • Read a couple of eye-opening books like How to Hide an Empire and Riding for Deliveroo


  • Messed up my diet and gained 5 lb while losing muscle.
  • Unable to work out as much as I wanted to due to COVID and the California wildfires
  • My sleep pattern was out of control
  • Couldn’t find the will to meditate
  • Read fewer books than I originally planned (37 out of 52)

Intended Changes

  • I’ve relied on my years of training to get away with an unhealthy diet and inconsistent sleep. I believe that reserve is now depleted. I need to start taking care of myself.
  • Accept that my life pattern has changed and adjust my plans accordingly.


I am grateful that none of my family has caught COVID-19, that my wife and I got to spend more time with each other, and that I did not have to worry about my job. I did ok considering everything. 


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