Young Reacts #108

I am making a formatting change to surface my reactions more clearly. Please let me know if you liked it by replying to this email.

Software Engineering ⚙️

A reasoned approach to technical changes

Successful execution in Phase 2 eventually leads to some self-propelled adoption, where people you did not explicitly sell on the new tech are freely choosing to use it.

A chief architect and a principal engineer at Slack describe how Slack makes technical changes. The defined exploration-expansion-migration process looks almost identical to how my org operates. Link

The balance between hacks and overanalysis

We have to be careful how we apply YAGNI, or You Ain’t Gonna Need It. The YAGNI mindset can make us miss significant cost savings. The right balance depends on our product’s lifecycle and will be somewhere in between. Link

AWS’s Google Maps alternative

AWS is now providing its location service like its competitors (think Microsoft Azure Maps or Google Maps). Since all my team’s infra is on AWS, this new location service is automatically a viable alternative over Google Maps. A notable backstory: Amazon, along with other tech giants, contributes to an open-source map database OpenStreetMapsLink

People ❤️

How to align now and the future

It is easy to only focus on the next project and forget the big picture.  The question“What will our product and business look like a year from now?” will keep us aligned with the long term vision. Link

How to negotiate

I am terrible at negotiating because I feel the urge to save my face. While this article is not work-related, I learned a lot about how to approach tough negotiations.

Never should one feel urgency to drop $20k+ on a rapidly depreciating asset.


Business 💸

Stock market peaks while people suffer

The lasting impact of the pandemic will be economic polarization. Folks who live paycheck to paycheck had lost their jobs when millionaires and billionaires made significant gains. This polarization will lead to more political instability in the future. Link

South Korean population started declining in 2020. What now?

Since the modern economy is based on endless growth, I’ve been worried about how the economy will behave once the population contracts. Now, this isn’t just a hypothetical in South Korea. Link

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