Young Reacts #113 – Engineering Personas

The term “soft skill” implicitly undervalues interpersonal and communication skills. But these skills are in short supply and become more important as we progress in our careers.

Software Engineering ⚙️

GraphQL Schema Stitching is coming back

Schema stitching was once declared deprecated, but it has come back from the dead. I acknowledge that federation needs some complex tooling like schema validation to work well. But I am still skeptical of schema stitching. I remember that schema stitching suffered from schema merge conflicts (i.e., when two schemas define types with the same name). After looking at the doc on merging, I still see the same problem. Link

People ❤️

Engineering Personas

We are more than just “human resources.” Everyone has their preferences and aspirations, which hiring managers should consider when hiring. The article buckets engineers into five categories. While I think these categorizations are helpful when hiring, we should beware of biases and expect that people grow and change their personas. Link

AWS Compensation Explained

I was just baffled at how unintuitively the compensation works at AWS. Read the article if you are considering joining AWS. Link

Business 💸

Ethereum’s Carbon Footprint

The author researched the carbon footprint of Non-Fungible Tokens, the tokens used to create a limited number of digital goods. He found that a single transaction of an NFT produces 47 kg of CO2 on average, which is equivalent to driving 500 km. It is mindblowing. I never saw blockchain technology from this perspective, and I thank the author for his research. Link

Twitter’s New Peer Review System

On top of its existing review and recommendation system, Twitter launched a peer review system for less prominent tweets. Humans being humans, I am not sure how the system will perform for divisive tweets. I like that all generated data will be publicly available, providing visibility into the system’s vulnerabilities. Link

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