Young Reacts #115 – How to Pick a Product Hypothesis

Not much from me this week. Enjoy the last week of February! 😁

Software Engineering ⚙️

GraphQL Input Union is back to OneOf directives

GraphQL’s Input Union has been in the works for a long time. The first proposal was in early 2018. At this point, a lot of GraphQL users just want a solution, and I hope this proposal is it.

An interesting fact: OneOf directives are currently proposed to be applied against input objects and fields, but they could be used for the return types too. The spec working group intentionally scoped down the proposal to proceed quickly, but we will see the expansion of OneOf directives in the future. OneOf RFC Link

People ❤️

Unpacking Interview Questions

This collection of articles explains what the author looks for when asking typical behavioral interview questions such as The Weakness Question. He thoroughly discusses his motivation behind the questions, the evaluation criteria, and the typical follow-up questions, which gives the interviewees a behind-the-scenes look. I recommend reading this series if you are recruiting now.

How To Measure Engineering Effectiveness

My approach to my team’s effectiveness has been limited to “I know it when I see it.” I found it hard to assess the quality and the quantity of my team’s contribution when we are part of a larger system (product managers, designers, and other stakeholders). Measuring and getting rid of the blockers sound like a solid approach to measuring the team’s efficiency. But it still doesn’t answer if we are building the right thing. Blogpost Link

Google Fires Researcher Meg Mitchell, Escalating AI Saga

Google had suspended another AI ethics researcher, Meg Mitchell, when they fired Timnit Gebru. After weeks of investigations, they fired Meg Mitchell. Talking up diversity is easy but following through with accountability is hard. Google has done some remarkable research on psychological safety, so I am not writing it off completely, but it has lost a lot of my respect.

Business 💸

How to Pick a Product Hypothesis

Coming up with a good hypothesis for a new project is half the battle. A good hypothesis is falsifiable, measurable, and actionable. The article then gives examples of good and bad hypotheses. This article was a recommended read for an internal workshop on hypothesis thinking.

Google made a deal with Rupert Murdoch. Facebook called the bluff.

New Australian law enforces Google and Facebook to pay the news publishers to use their links on their services. Google first threatened to leave Australia (Bing selflessly offered its service in response) but cut a deal with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. Facebook decided not to show any news in Australia. Now the small independent outlets are squeezed between the tech and media giants. News link

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