Young Reacts #123 – The Discovery Problem in Your Career

My wife and I got our first COVID vaccine shots last week, and I got very emotional. I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I pray that the light doesn’t fade due to a variant or a bad policy. Stay safe and sane through this last stretch.

People ❤️

The Discovery Problem in Your Career

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” In a corporate setting, I don’t think it does. Our work needs to be understood and built upon to make an impact. Even if we feel uncomfortable, we need to promote our work.

How to take good meeting notes

In a similar vein as the article above, we need to make sure the decisions in our meetings not get lost. The way to do that is to take notes and share them widely. Plus, the notes will become more important as we shift towards remote work. The post is a good step-by-step guide for note-taking.

From Vision to Values: The Importance of Defining Your Core

Without a strong vision, it’s easy to get pulled in many directions with nothing to show for after years of work. I am seeing that at work, so I am pushing us to define what we want to be in 3 years.

Customer Inspired; Technology Enabled

I used to believe that product managers own why and what, and engineers own how. That tended to make me give lots of feedback to proposed projects but not propose ideas myself. This post asserts that product managers should provide constraints, not requirements, and leave what to engineers.

Business 💸

Introducing OpenSearch

AWS renames its fork of ElasticSearch to OpenSearch. It will rename its hosted service to Amazon OpenSearch as well. This feels like a big middle finger to ElasticSearch. In the midst of this, are ElasticSearch users and its open-source community winning?

Federal investigators looking into breach at software code testing company Codecov

Hackers hacked into a SaaS vendor to access its customers’ credentials. Considering that code testing usually happens in an isolated environment, I don’t think the impact will be high. Regardless, it’s a good reminder that every layer of our software stack is a potential vulnerability.

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