Young Reacts #130

My wife started her summer internship last week. I was excited about her getting real work experience as a UX researcher. But I was also nervous for her because the introductory period could be scary and stressful. But thanks to her caring mentor, who actually spends time providing the context and listening to her questions, she is adjusting without much trouble. He provided a detailed plan for the summer in advance and checks in with her at the end of every workday. I am thankful for what he does to help my wife succeed and want to replicate the kindness for others in the future.

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

Software Engineering ⚙️

15 Things You Should Know About Product Managers

This article made me empathize with product managers more deeply. All of us engineers work with product managers one way or another, so maintaining a productive relationship is key to our own success. Let’s not set our partner up to fail.

The case against normalized caching in GraphQL

I agree with the author that rich GraphQL clients force UI developers to know too much about the domain. But I don’t agree with the author’s solution to use browser caching. In an enterprise environment, GraphQL subscriptions enable the UI to react to data changes correctly and promptly.

Introducing Handsfree.js

This library enables JS apps to understand hand gestures, facial expressions, and poses. It’s impressive what Javascript can do these days.

People ❤️

I Want to Hire Someone My Team Said No to on the Debrief: Ask the EM

Even though most companies are not democracies and decisions are to be made by certain individuals, relationships and trust are important. To keep the hard-earned trust, try understanding where differences come from. Disagreements are signs of possible misalignment.

Surviving IDEO

Bad culture hurts real people and turns the abused into abusers. This is a story of ex-IDEO employees.

Inclusion and diversity matter

Snowflake and Medium are among the latest companies to get publicly hammered on I&D issues. I get that most executives do not have the background to navigate the complex inclusion issues at work. But these issues create serious retention and hiring problems, so they better figure this out soon.

Business 💸

Colorado Excluded

Colorado started requiring all job postings for Coloradans to contain salary ranges. To avoid noting their salary range, some companies decided to exclude Coloradans from their candidate pool. For example, one Twitter job posting says, “Roles listing ‘Remote US’ as a location are not currently available in the following states: Colorado, Iowa, and Louisiana.”

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