Young Reacts #132

Thanks to all the new online services such as Netflix, DoorDash, and Amazon Fresh, I almost forget how challenging the real world can be (especially so, if I don’t read the news). When we moved yesterday, I was reminded that there are still tough, physical challenges. As we were unpacking and putting stuff away, I kept thinking, “I wish life could be like Sims and I could just drag and drop stuff.” But boxes had to be opened, and stuff has to be put in place. This is why the metaverse concept is so enticing to me, a world without real constraints.

Photo by Michal Balog on Unsplash

Software Engineering ⚙️

Announcing GraphCDN, the CDN for GraphQL APIs

People criticize GraphQL that GraphQL queries are difficult to cache via HTTP. GraphCDN is an answer to that criticism that uses edge computing to cache the query responses. Impressive!

Scaling relational SQL databases

When I talk to companies for a manager position, some companies ask me to go through technical rounds, which makes sense since they expect their manager to lead technically. However, backend system design is not part of my day job, so I started reading more about backend topics such as databases. My takeaway from reading this article: performance tuning, vertical scaling, replicas, or sharding.

An Unbelievable Demo

Not strictly software-related, but it is a horrible story about how big corporations can be oblivious about the IP. I won’t spoil it for you.

People ❤️

The Return of the Office

Not everyone wants to return to the office. The article discusses the dichotomy between managers and frontline workers. While that dichotomy makes sense, I suspect that other socio-economic factors influence people’s opinions. Regardless, we should show empathy for our colleagues.

People Show Support for Interns after HBO Max Email Snafu

An intern at HBO Max inadvertently sent testing emails to real customers. Then lots of people jumped to share their screwups from their earlier days. That’s amazing, but we also need to admit that the more “senior” professionals still screw up every day. “To make mistakes is human.

Business 💸

Google is using AI to design its next generation of AI chips more quickly than humans can

We are one step closer to singularity.

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