Young Reacts #137

My wife and I started fostering a dog last week. We had to adjust to living with this little boy. But it felt good to look after something that needs my help. I started feeling quite a bit more positive over the last couple of days. I wouldn’t say fostering is for everyone, but I’d suggest looking for some purpose bigger than oneself.

Software Engineering ⚙️

Introducing Envelop – The GraphQL Plugin System

This is a cool idea from The Guild. I am excited that this plugin approach allows developers to adopt new features without waiting for the framework owners to support them as Babel does.

The Latest Ref Pattern in React

We don’t want to use useState because we don’t need to trigger a component re-render when we update to the latest value.

When I read this, I immediately thought of the infinite loop I created because I used useState instead of useRef 🤦🏻‍♂️

at method for relative indexing

The “at” method is an alternative for the “indexOf” method on an array. This new method understands negative indexes such as “-1,” making it simpler to get elements near the end. This feature is available on the latest Chrome (92) and Firefox (90).

People ❤️

The Activision Blizzard Lawsuit Fallout Is What Women Have Been Saying All Along

This recurring sexism in the game industry showcases how difficult it is to fix cultural issues. Press releases and public apologies won’t fix them. That makes me reconsider the companies I am talking to with checkered pasts.

The Case for Location-Independent Salaries

I’ve seen many employees argue for location-independent salaries. But this is the first time I’ve seen such a founder. I appreciate that the founder aligned the company’s compensation policy with its mission. If you wonder how much the company pays, check out its job posts.

Beat the bystander effect with minimal social pressure

When my team needs to find the owner for the next steps, I usually take them myself as I don’t like unowned tasks and feel awkward asking others to do the work. “Being clear that “no” is a fine response” is the neat trick I’ve been missing.

Business 💸

Visual guide to the best books on product management

A list of interesting books on product management. I’ve read a few on this list. Because I don’t have a great memory, I usually summarize my takeaways in one sentence per book:

  • Crossing the chasm: your customer profiles change as you go from early adopters to the mass market.
  • The Lean Startup: Build-Measure-Learn-Repeat
  • Escaping the build trap: a collection of useful tactical PM tips
  • Measure What Matters: A good reference for when you implement OKR

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