Young Reacts #139

To let employees recharge, Netflix’s leadership chose to take August slow. For the first half, we are strongly encouraged to take time off. For the latter half, non-essential meetings (any meetings not directly related to work) are canceled. I felt many bottled-up pressures for the past few weeks, so I really welcome this slowdown. To recharge, my wife and I have planned on making multiple trips this month.

Photo by Madelynn woods on Unsplash

Software Engineering ⚙️

A framework for balancing and budgeting engineering resourcing

It is challenging to make a trade-off decision between engineering investment and product work. If a product team is left on its own, it would naturally focus on new features. So rule-of-thumb guidance on resource allocation coming from the top would help balance that.

The Large, Small, and Dynamic Viewports

When I developed a mobile website, iPhone’s dynamic viewport was a hot topic. We weren’t sure how our styling would react to the changes in the viewport size (I think the behaviors are still not standardized). I am glad to see some standardization effort.

People ❤️

Guiding critical projects without micromanaging

Flexibility is crucial for leaders. The situation is different, the team is different, and better yet, people change. While it is important to have heuristics and go-to moves, leaders need to stay nimble and do what’s best for the team.

How To (Not) Plan A Career

A bottom-up approach makes sense if one doesn’t yet know what to do. When they follow the approach, they should actively seek new experiences and learn from their choices. Otherwise, it will be like having no career at all.

The SaaS Org Chart

The example org charts are not particularly useful for me as I am not running an org. But it could be in the future when I join a startup.

Business 💸

Mark in the metaverse

Facebook is leaning into the metaverse, building on top of its Oculus and social network.

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