Young Reacts #150

My org is still figuring out how to transition from function-oriented platform teams to mission-oriented product teams. My team in particular needs to clarify what our mission and vision are. So my readings this week are oriented towards those themes.

Software Engineering ⚙️

GraphQL, meet LiveGraph: a real-time data system at scale

Figma engineers discuss how they implemented their real-time collaboration with GraphQL Live Queries. I particularly found it interesting to read about how they made it scale using shared subqueries.

People ❤️

Coordination Headwind

This slide deck explains why it’s so much harder to prioritize decisively and get things done in a larger organization. This is why we need a strategy and get everyone aligned.

The Building Blocks of Strategy

This article reminds me that when we come up with a strategy, we need to consider the needs of our customers first.

Tool: Create a vision with the team

I have a 4-hour block next week to create a team vision with my team. I had limited internal resources so I scoured the internet and found this resource from Google:reWork.

Business 💸

Evolving our business model to address developer needs

Google announced various programs that will lower fees for Android developers. For example, if you have a subscription business or a content business with high content costs, you will qualify for a service fee of 15% or less.

It Was Never About Dave

Netflix employees walked out last week to demand action from Netflix to instigate cultural changes. I’ve been proud that I worked at Netflix and hope I can stay proud. Trans lives matter

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