Young Reacts #151

A lot has happened to last week. My wife and I adopted a cat we’ve been fostering; we finally got a couch we ordered eight months ago; I got a new Pixel 6 Pro. On top of them, my org still is going through changes. So I had been quite overwhlemed last week. I hope to get a bit more grounded this coming week.

Software Engineering ⚙️

GraphQL 2021

GraphQL October 2021 spec is now available. It is a significant milestone for the GraphQL community because this release is the first after GraphQL ownership was transferred to the GraphQL foundation from Facebook.

Hotwire: HTML over Wire

Even though I do not personally like Rails, I value its focus on developer productivity and unconventional philosophy. Basecamp, led by the creator of Rails, created a web framework that also departed from the conventional wisdom of single-page applications. Instead of using JSON to communicate with the server, a Hotwire application uses server-rendered HTML.

A developer’s guide to programatically overcome fear of failure

Failure is part of our learning journey. The key is to ensure that we learn everything we can from each failure.

Deploying SwiftUI on the Web

WASM enables iOS engineers to create a web app with Swift.

People ❤️

How Guilds Promote the Exchange of Technical Ideas & Best Practices Within Bloomberg Engineering

When teams are organized by product areas, it becomes more difficult for engineers to learn from each other as fewer engineers of the same discipline are in the same team. That’s when the guild system comes in.

Capitalizing on Clarity

I am hosting a workshop for my team to define our team charter this week. This guide suggests that the session should allow individuals to develop their answers before discussing as a group, and I like that it would give more voice to the less vocal members of the team.

Business 💸

Founder’s Letter, 2021

Facebook changes its name to Meta and redefines its vision to enable the metaverse:

Our hope is that within the next decade, the metaverse will reach a billion people, host hundreds of billions of dollars of digital commerce, and support jobs for millions of creators and developers.

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