Young Reacts #152

I mentioned last week that I hoped to have a less overwhelming week, but it didn’t turn out that way. I had to navigate a personal relationship issue that started long before I joined. It didn’t help that I approached the problem with my own set of biases.

To identify the right thing to do, I sought advice from senior leaders at the company, and they thankfully spared 30 minutes of their days to coach me. By Friday, I was able to provide the needed support to the employee and discuss the plan. I learned that I am prone to my own confirmation biases and am grateful for having the support of more experienced leaders to overcome those biases.

Software Engineering ⚙️

Monitoring Depop

The author argues that we need to monitor the SLA of the third-party services we use, and I agree 100%. If we decide to outsource some pieces of our stack, it’s our responsibility to make sure those pieces work as expected.

How we’re building a production readiness review process at Grafana Labs

I am allergic to approval processes. Giving people full context, autonomy, and accountability over their decisions enables the teams to move faster and keeps the people engaged. However, if the domain is too complex or the decision impacts people outside the decision-making, we need processes to ensure that the right things happen.

People ❤️

Flexible work is the future of work

Instead of moving over to a 4-day workweek, Front has made Friday a “no meeting, no email, no chat” day. I don’t understand the argument for it over a 4-day workweek. But while reading this post, I realized that when we designate “no meeting” anything (Wednesday, afternoon, etc.), we need to mean it. Providing time for deep work is a necessity, not a luxury, to get our work done.

Thriving Team Skills

I need to expand my team to tackle some major projects next year and started thinking about how to create a highly effective team. This list of skills (“Strong cross-functional partner,” “Unique perspective/experience to bring to the team,” etc.) demonstrates that hiring highly technical individuals is not enough.

How To Build an Equitable Communications Practice

Our language shapes how we think. This article has some good tips to be more inclusive in our communication, such as “[u]se language that’s accessible to folks outside of the space and avoid using jargon.”

Business 💸

We Calculated Return On Investment For 30,000 Bachelor’s Degrees. Find Yours.

While I don’t think ROI is the right way to think about the value of our education, the statistics are still eye-opening.

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