Young Reacts #154

Since this is Thanksgiving week, here is the list of things I am grateful for these days:

  • My family is all healthy and relatively unimpacted by the ongoing pandemic.
  • My wife and I met and adopted Mari, a lovely and smart black cat.
  • I found an opportunity to manage a team at a reputable company.

Writing about things you are grateful for improves your mental health. What are you thankful for?

Software Engineering ⚙️

Announcing Apollo Federation 2

Apollo Federation 2 is a backward-compatible release of Apollo Federation. The main benefit I see is the additional flexibility in the schema validation that eases modifying and migrating the schema. I recommend reading the docs if you use GraphQL.

The inception of ESLint

ESLint changed how I developed as an engineer and as part of a team. I relied on it every day when I was an engineer to keep the coding style consistent and detect bugs. So I found it interesting to read its origin story.

People ❤️

The great tightrope act

This article spoke to my heart. Management is about finding a balance between many stakeholders: individuals on your team, customers, leadership, and your cross-functional partners. It’s complex, and there are no easy answers.


Technology on the menu for Covid-hit restaurants

Technology helps restaurants not only to get more customers via different channels but also to deal with staff shortages.

How NOT to screw up switching your app to subscriptions

A lesson here is that you shouldn’t renege on the deal with customers. Plus, see what inspired this article.

‘AR Is Where the Real Metaverse Is Going to Happen’

You’d expect a CEO of a company built on AR to push back on VR-based metaverses. He based his argument for AR on his assertion that people evolved to be outside, which I found lacking. Plus, I wasn’t impressed by how he brushed off the interviewer’s concern on security.

Cool stuff 😎

Monitor Your Pet’s Health with Litter Exporter

Now you can monitor your cat’s health like you do your servers.

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