Young Reacts #156

Not much from me this week. I hope you enjoy what I read this week!

Software Engineering ⚙️

Belonging to Amazon’s Principal Engineering Community

An interesting look inside Amazon’s staff+ level engineering before 2020.

Would Xcode Cloud replace our current CI/CD solution?

Call me a skeptic, but Apple has been infamous for its lack of support for the developers. Will they care enough to make Xcode Cloud a good CI/CD solution?

People ❤️

Deep Habits: Plan Your Week in Advance

I’ve been slowly habituating work habits to get better as a professional. So far, I’ve made daily habits of giving feedback, asking for feedback, writing daily notes, and so on. I am now trying to add weekly routines. I will practice reviewing and setting up weekly plans every Sunday.

Stop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome

There is usually a systemic explanation for the individuals’ sufferings. When our colleagues share their pains, trust them, and use our privileges to improve the system for all of us.

Why the ‘stay interview’ is the next big trend of the Great Resignation

Regardless of the current job market, we managers owe it to our teams to look after the team members’ needs at work. We can start by asking what they want to achieve at work and how best to support them.

The Church of Interruption

I engage in a conversation by completing the other person’s sentences. It helps me stay focused. But this article made me learn that not everyone is like me, and many don’t appreciate my interruptions.

Business 💰

Your Board of Directors is Probably Going to Fire You

Before one experiences disappointment at work, it’s easy to have this idealized view of the companies and teams like families looking after another. But Corporate America demands that everyone, even the CEOs and the board directors, puts the business above their loyalty to their colleagues.

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