Young Reacts #166

I’ve been trying the templated response to recruiters (I shared this in the last newsletter). And I was surprised that a recruiter sent me salary information for an engineering manager role. It might not be much, but it is worth more than the last fifty recruiter emails I received before. So why don’t you try it yourself?

Software Engineering ⚙️

READS: Service Health Metrics

READS stands for request rates, errors, availability, duration/latency, and saturation. I have a reasonably good understanding of our services’ error rates and availabilities but not the other three. I will need to look into them.

Observing FinTech Services For Seamless Payments

This article goes nicely with the READS article above as this provides concrete examples of the theory above, such as latencies of order checkout and CPU usages.

Immutability isn’t free

Javascript’s spread operator surprised the author with its O(n) performance characteristic. Javascript developers need to understand how the Javascript engines work to avoid similar mistakes. But that’s easier said than done. This surprising behavior is a reason why performance-sensitive apps are written in other languages like Go or Rust.

GraphQL Network Inspector

I would have loved to use this Chrome extension when I was an engineer. Finding the request in question by clicking through a list of GraphQL requests was not fun. Netflix eventually created a Chrome extension in-house to tackle this.

People ❤️

My 3 Favorite Types of Manager Meetings

I am not used to being a full-time manager. During my previous manager roles, I did quite a bit of coding, which helped me feel a sense of achievement. But I no longer code and have lost that immediate positive feedback from coding. While most of my managerial work is not visible, I’d love to have a meeting like the Managers Demos Meeting to share my achievements.

How to Write Something Compelling

The author provides valuable axes to evaluate our writings: an idea’s impact, simplicity, universality, and a word count.

Business 💰

Tech questions for 2022

The author’s chosen keywords are Crypto; AR, VR and the metaverse; Games; Regulation; Privacy; Cars; China; Macro; Everything else. I would also add cybersecurity.

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