Young Reacts #169

I am going to the office tomorrow to see my teammate visiting the area. He will be my first Square coworker that I meet in person after five months of working here. I look forward to meeting a real person behind the tiny rectangle on my screen!

Software Engineering ⚙️

Resilience engineering: Where do I start?

I like learning about how systems fail in surprising ways to further my understanding of their behaviors. This short article contains many links to the foundational academic papers. If you find all these papers daunting, How complex systems fail is a great starting point.

How to publish Deno modules to NPM

Deno is a new serverside Javascript runtime, an alternative to Node.js. It has a different set of native APIs, making it challenging to write a code that works on Deno and Node.js.

The author uses dnt to publish their Deno module to NPM. I am amazed that they could cross-publish an HTTP framework with a few configurations and code branches.

Imbalance detection for healthier experimentation

My team recently adopted A/B testing, so this level of sophistication is not yet desirable. However, I learned two things in this article: 1. since achieving true random is difficult, imbalances can happen. 2. online traffic is precious, so every time we waste a user session, we miss out on a learning opportunity.

People ❤️

What We Lost

We’ve been working remotely for two whole years now. Many of us have changed our lives, assuming that we will work remotely permanently. I moved away from where my office and many colleagues did too. That flexibility is a win, but I miss being in the office; jokes, walking meetings, serendipities, all of them.

The skills product managers need to become a Director, VP, or CPO

This table in the article summarizes well. In short, what got you here won’t get you there.

Business 💰

Apple CEO Tim Cook tells employees the return to offices will begin on April 11th

As the COVID case rates continue to go down, companies plan to bring their workers back to the office. As Apple always planned to return to the office, I am not surprised by this news. But I wonder if companies that declared to go permanently remote will reverse.

Kroger expanding into Oklahoma City as it builds national delivery network

As more spending moves from offline to online, even traditional retail chains like Kroger are building fulfillment centers only for online orders.

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