Young Reacts #171

I am dealing with some stress in my life and learning that I do not cope with stress well. It’s been hard to deal with personal conflicts and disappointments. Video games or other hobbies help me forget them, but the stress comes back after. How do you deal with your stress? 😰

Software Engineering ⚙️

How Google, Twitter, and Spotify built a culture of documentation

I am not big on documentation because I haven’t seen it done well. But I liked the idea of hack days dedicated to documentation.

Clientless Web Isolation is now generally available

Cloudflare is expanding its offerings based on its edge architecture. Clientless Web Isolation is a cool security product to access potentially dangerous websites or files in an isolated environment.

People ❤️

7 Mental Models For Great Engineering Leadership

The article provides various axes to help managers prioritize their time. A truly great manager can adapt to the needs of their team. In my situation, I need to stay more people/process-focused, focus on engineering competence, and spend more time with customers.

Goldman Sachs’ CEO demanded all employees return full-time to the office. Only half showed up

This article reminds me that there is no actual “authority” at work. We have varying levels of influences, and others choose to heed your words or not.

Business 💰

Exit interview: Facebook’s former counterterrorism chief talks Meta’s moves in Russia

Societies now continue to ask more from large corporations: from environmental issues to social issues to now geopolitical matters. That expectation reflects the power these companies hold.

AWS-MongoDB Deal Favors Collaboration Over Competition

Do you remember when MongoDB changed its license in response to AWS launching DocumentDB? The only constant in business is change, and there are no perpetual enemies.

Amazon closes $8.5 billion deal to acquire MGM

As streaming becomes commoditized, the content becomes the king. Just as Netflix acquires movie producers, Amazon keeps up with the competition.

Interesting Finds 💡

Empty npm package ‘-’ has over 700,000 downloads — here’s why

TLDR; typos are the reason why. This is another funny quirk of the JS ecosystem.

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