Young Reacts #173

It was my birthday yesterday, and I enjoyed some excellent quiet time with my wife. In the past, I would have gone out and got drunk. But I learned that I prefer relaxing, quiet time. As I grow older, I’ve become clearer about what I cherish the most and start caring less about what others say. I am still learning more about myself but like the wiser me.

Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

Software Engineering ⚙️

React 18.0

A year and a half after React 17, the much-hyped React 18 is here. There are significant architectural changes (concurrent rendering), but the migration seems safe and straightforward in a typical React fashion.

Why Don’t You Use …

The critical insight of the article is that the real reasons for companies’ technology choices may be different from the official reasons.

People ❤️

The Five Conditions for Improvement

Identifying our different assumptions gets us genuinely see eye to eye. Even though we agree that there is a problem, we may have other priorities. Even if we agree with the priorities, we may have different plans to address them.

Engineering Leadership Lessons with Zapier’s Co-Founder & CTO

I’ve been contacted a few times by early-stage companies (<10 employees) since I changed one of my previous titles as “Head of Engineering.” I do not have an experience with those small companies, so I read about how engineering leadership evolves as startups evolve.

Business 💰

Penny Wise and Cloud Foolish

Google Cloud increased its pricing or started charging for many key functionalities (data replication and data operations in multi-region). This move could force rearchitecture projects on its current customers and scare potential customers away from Google Cloud.

Spotify and Google Announce User Choice Billing

Google allows Spotify to place its billing system next to Google’s within Spotify’s Android app, contrary to its policy thus far. I wonder if Google will grant this privilege to more companies, and, if so, to what types of companies (sizes, industries, countries, etc.).

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