Young Reacts #174

The most productive work we can do is canceling work found to be unproductive. This may be counterintuitive as we start our careers as doers (design, sales, programming, etc.). But the more senior we grow, the more critical our ability to understand the value becomes. What projects or processes have you canceled at work?

Software Engineering ⚙️

Why we don’t use a staging environment

I like reading about contrarian posts like this as they challenge me to justify my ideas. A monolith can operate without a staging environment with good enough continuous integration and deployment process. However, once we break down the monolith into multiple services, we need a stable environment to test our local changes against.

Measuring Latency Overhead with Own Time

Metrics cut through the complexity of real life into a few numbers and enable actions. This “own time” metric is an excellent example of that. The author created this metric to isolate performance issues owned by their team. This metric then provided actionable insights to improve the performance of their system.

People ❤️

The oldest park ranger, who told the stories of Black women in WWII, retires at 100

Do you ever feel like it’s too late in your career? This woman started her park ranger career at 85 and is now retiring at 100. She worked more years after 85 than I have worked since 24. Her example gives me the courage to try new things.

The startup CTO growth cycle

As an executive of a company, a CTO’s role evolves with the company. Then again, there is a question of whether the person in the CTO role is willing and able to grow with the company.

Business 💰

The Scoop: Inside Fast’s Rapid Collapse

Fast is one of the more fascinating startup failure stories in recent memories. Many inside the company saw the warning signs (measly $600k revenue, for example) but couldn’t connect the dots or didn’t have the courage to predict the eventual shutdown.

Proposed bill would shorten California workweek to 32 hours. Here’s what you need to know

The bill proposes to reduce the workweek to 32 hours for those who work for employers with more than 500 employees. I don’t think this bill will become law, but I am still surprised that this 4-day workweek has gained enough traction to have a bill.

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