Young Reacts #182

I am back in the US and from vacation. It felt great to disconnect and spend time with my family and friends, some of whom I haven’t seen for almost three years. While the pandemic isn’t over, I am glad we have learned to live with it.

Software Engineering ⚙️

The Away Team Model at Amazon

Square uses a similar away team model where an away team jumps in and works on another team’s code base. My team is a host team for a few away teams and sometimes struggle collaborating with that many away teams. So I found it helpful to read that teams should use the away team model as a last resort.

People ❤️

Problem, Solution, How, and Execution

Rubric to evaluate your product team

We all start in our careers as doers. We are given the instructions and execute them. But as we gain more experiences, we go upstream: how, solution, and, finally, problem. And that growth of work ownership coincides with the increase in work scope, from 1-2 week projects to multi-year strategies.

Not My Job

Even if you are a respected senior leader of a team, you cannot tackle everything. You should choose which problems to focus on, which ones to delegate, and which to let go of.

Business 💰

Metaverse: another cesspool of toxic content

In Meta’s metaverse platform, Horizon World, a group of avatars sexually assaulted a researcher’s avatar. Some may say it’s a human problem, not a technology problem. I used to think that too. But this astute commentary changed my perspective:

If this is a really hard problem to solve at scale, then that means that the technology is not ready to be scaled. Facebook could choose to prioritize the safety of its users from virtual rape and sexual assault and solve that problem before trying to scale the technology. It did not. Misfortune has nothing to do with that decision. (Link)

Cruise can finally charge for driverless robotaxi rides in San Francisco

I remember Cruise’s recruiter telling me in 2018 that they were targeting the commercial launch in 2019. It’s 2022 now. How difficult it must have been to solve both technical and regulatory challenges.

Interesting Finds 💡

AirPods Evolution

This article has CT scanned images of multiple generations of AirPods with some commentaries on design choices. It was interesting to see where Apple placed different sensors.

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