Young Reacts #184

After sending my first bi-weekly update e-mail to the team, following The weekly CEO e-mail, I’ve gotten some great responses. People liked to see the progress of the projects they were not directly involved in. I plan to continue for two months and evaluate if my team continues to find value in my updates.

Software Engineering ⚙️

Astro Online Playground

I don’t follow the Javascript ecosystem as closely, but I was blown away by this demo. Astro, a Javascript framework optimized for static content, provides an online playground through StackBlitz. StackBlitz lets me install the framework in your browser and use it as I would in my local environment. Tools like this make my old Javascript environment at Netflix look primitive.

Why We’re Sticking with Ruby on Rails at GitLab

One of my principles when designing a system is to make doing the right things easy. That’s why I feel uneasy about monoliths; it’s too easy for uninformed engineers to destroy the architecture. This article asserts that if you have the governance and the modular architecture in place, it’s possible to maintain a monolith at scale.

People ❤️

Stop Overcomplicating It: The Simple Guidebook to Upping Your Management Game

This article made me realize that it’s more important to perfect the core management activities rather than chase the latest trend in the business world. I am unsure if I will follow the author’s framework (Direction, Coaching, Career) verbatim, but it looks like a good framework.

How To Elicit Effective Commitments

Just as there is an art to giving and receiving feedback, there is an art to requesting and giving commitments. The requestor should specify who, when, and what so there is no misunderstanding. If the request isn’t explicit, the giver should know to clarify.

Job performance feedback is heavily biased: new Textio report

Acknowledging our own biases is the first step to fighting the biases. If you are curious about your personal biases, try this Harvard Implicit Association Test.

Meta bans staff from open discussion of Roe v. Wade decision and is deleting internal messages that mention abortion: report

I first negatively reacted when I read this. I was upset that people couldn’t talk about their personal hardships at work. But then I realized it might be a kind thing to prevent some employees from doing a victory lap over Roe v. Wade.

Business 💰

Leaked transcript: Inside Elon Musk’s first meeting with Twitter employees

If I worked at Twitter, I would start interviewing immediately if I hadn’t started. Even if I agree with Musk’s perspective, “there would have to be some rationalization of headcount and expenses to have revenue be greater than cost” sounds too ominous.

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