Young Reacts #192

“When you look back at your life a year from now, what do you want to have achieved?” My coach asked me this question last week. I didn’t have anything in my personal life I wanted to achieve, but I had three career goals:

  • Keeping my team perform at a high level
  • Write down my leadership principles and management philosophy
  • Build my personal support network both inside and outside the company

I want to use my current role as a launch pad to become a manager of managers. Given the importance of my team’s domain for the larger org’s strategy, I think it’s possible as long as I can continue to execute. That’s me. What do you want to look back on next year?

Software Engineering ⚙️

Redis Explained

One of the mitigation strategies we will employ to prevent a similar incident to the one we experienced last week is to add a Redis cache for added redundancy. So I read about different ways Redis clusters can be structured.

People ❤️

The Sustainable Workload Loop

We all have more work to do than we have time. Ask first if it’s worth doing the work, then if I am the only person to do it, and if it’s the right time to do it.

Apple pushes Bay Area employees into stringent return-to-office plan

The author sees a connection between the worsening job market and the return-to-office plan. But I am not convinced as I suspect execs also see value in working remotely. Time will tell.

Business 💰

Teens, Social Media and Technology 2022

YouTube leads the pack with 95% of teens using it, followed by Tiktok with 67%, Instagram with 62%, and Snapchat with 59%. Facebook was in fourth place with 32%.

Does Apple Keep its Commission After You Refund a Purchase?

Given how Apple created App Tracking Transparency for the preferential, incremental revenue, I will not trust Apple, or any company, to not abuse the technicality for its growth.

Interesting Finds 💡

Why is far-right ideology taking hold in LGBT+ communities?

This article was mind-boggling but did make sense to me. We have intersecting identities, and some may choose to prioritize their privileged identities.

Lionsgate’s ‘Fall’ Used Deepfake-Style Tech to Change 30-Plus F-Bombs, Bringing Movie From R to PG-13 Rating

I find it cool to see how technology advancements from one industry bleed over to another. Another good example is how Disney used Unreal Engine to produce The Mandalorian.

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