Young Reacts #213

The tech downturn is hitting closer to home, with a few in my close networks being impacted. Whatever happens, we need to remember that layoffs are not an indictment of our performance, and we are more than our jobs.

Software Engineering ⚙️

The Turbopack vision

Webpack is being left behind by its newer competitors. Its creator, Tobias Koppers, has a vision for a faster next-generation build system based on Rust.

MemLab: An open source framework for finding JavaScript memory leaks

Meta open sourced a tool to detect memory leaks automatically. I love that it’s based on Puppeteer, enabling it to be easily added to an existing test pipeline.

ESLint’s 2022 year in review

I particularly found its 2022 budget review interesting: ESLint received $197,345.27 from various sources and spent $140,704.09.

People ❤️

Inspection and the limits of trust

“Trust but verify” is a behavior I am not comfortable employing. I am not even sure that this is how I want to behave as a people leader. However, I see many leaders at Square exhibiting this behavior.

DevOps culture: Westrum organizational culture

To ensure good information flows through an organization and improve the organization’s performance, Dr. Westrum’s research says a few behaviors must be present: high cooperation with cross-functional partners, encouraging sharing of bad news, etc. This guide details the behaviors and accompanying survey questions to measure the culture.

Business 💰

Twitterrific: End of an Era

After Twitter silently shut down its 3rd party API last week, Twitterrific, the app that created much of Twitter’s ethos (the bird logo, the word Tweet, etc.), has shut down.

TextingStory icon evolution

The creator of an app with 20 million downloads got to its first million downloads with a logo made with a PowerPoint. It shows we can still achieve the product market fit without much polish.

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