Young Reacts #215

By the time you read this, I may already be an uncle as my sister is giving birth to a girl really soon. I am happy to have a new member in my family and look forward to assuming my new role as an uncle (I hope I can be a fun one!). This moment does give me pause. Crises have been never-ending but life still goes on.

Software Engineering ⚙️

Interop 2022: Outcomes

I just learned of this Interop project, where browser vendors come together to make the web more consistent. The project comes with the tests to check spec compliance, whose results you can see online (you can also drill down to individual unit tests like this failing flexbox test).

Netlify acquires front-end platform Gatsby

Gatsby was one of the first next-gen build frameworks that pushed the web from single-page apps back to server-side rendering. People behind Gatsby founded a company in 2018 to provide commercial support but it didn’t pan out as much as they had hoped. I wonder if this acquisition signals a beginning contraction of the front-end build framework space.

The yaml document from hell

When I worked with a YAML file, I appreciated how easy it was to author it, unlike a JSON file with curly brackets and double quotes. But this article opened my eyes to how YAML can be unpleasantly surprising. I am especially surprised by the Norway problem, where a plain text no is parsed as a boolean false.

People ❤️

Owning your unique experience

After more than ten years of working, I started looking back at the paths I hadn’t taken. What if I tried working at a large company earlier? What if I stayed at Netflix longer? So many what-ifs. This article helped me overcome that regret by looking at what I have instead of what I missed.

Business 💰

The Celsius examiner’s report: a picture of fraud and incompetence

The title says it all. Celsius was a massive Ponzi scheme behind the facade of crypto, albeit incompetent.

Musk Oversaw Video That Exaggerated Tesla’s Self-Driving Capabilities

Musk’s described behavior felt eerily similar to that of Celsius’s founder. I understand that founders need to believe in their visions and products. But when unfinished products or aggressive marketing hurt people, that’s a step too far for me.

Ending Suspension of Trump’s Accounts With New Guardrails to Deter Repeat Offenses

I agree with the decision to end suspension here after the 2-year suspension period is up. But I hope it doesn’t take another Jan 6 to suspend Trump or any other politician.

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