Young Reacts #216

My thoughts are with the recent earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. Please consider donating to the relief efforts if you can afford to do so (see this guide on how).

Software Engineering ⚙️

Passwordless deployments to the cloud

I learned that it is now possible to set up build pipelines without storing credentials somewhere. Using OAuth, a build system can get short-lived access to your cloud provider. And other major platforms, such as Jenkins and CircleCI, support this feature.

Go-like channel in 10 lines of Javascript

The author uses Promise cleverly to minimize the waiting time between two async processes. I wouldn’t have thought to optimize this; even if I had, I would have used EventEmitter.

People ❤️

‘I felt hoodwinked’

I feel the urge to look all-knowing, especially in front of strangers. Just this morning, I signed the delivery note for our new chairs this morning without inspecting that they were, in fact, ok. Luckily, the chairs were in good condition. But I have to break the habit of jumping to yes.

How To Design The Long Life You Love

I suppose I still have some time til I perish, but I have started thinking more about my legacy to the world. I don’t think I will have kids, who seem to become many parents’ purpose. If so, what then?

New Manager Assimilation: 5 Simple Steps to Setting Up A New Manager for Success

This article is a good reminder that we cannot leave new employee onboarding to time and luck (or, in many cases, conflicts). We can speed up our onboarding by following an explicit process that answers hard questions.

Zoom is the latest tech firm to announce layoffs, and its CEO will take a 98% pay cut

While the pay cut will not make it easy for those laid off, it is a tangible way to show accountability.

Business 💰

Reinventing search with a new AI-powered Microsoft Bing and Edge, your copilot for the web

Last week, the biggest tech news was Microsoft declaring war on Google’s most profitable turf: search. Microsoft doesn’t need search ad revenue, but Google does. Microsoft’s ChatGPT-powered Bing introduces a new way to search, whose UI takes away the ad slots the traditional search UI has. Will this chat-based search go mainstream? If so, will Google find a way to monetize it before it’s too late?

Amazon Q4 2022 Financials

Here are a few takeaways from a former Amazon VP:

  1. Amazon advertising and AWS are wildly profitable while Amazon retail is losing money.
  2. This means Amazon can subsidize its retail division to grow at a loss.
  3. That is unfair at Amazon’s scale, and AWS should be spun off from Amazon.

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