Young Reacts #217

I hope you are enjoying your long weekend 🌴

Software Engineering ⚙️

Bringing Javascript to WebAssembly for Shopify Functions

Due to its lack of type information and language features, it hadn’t been possible to compile Javascript to WebAssembly. Shopify found a way to package a Javascript runtime in WebAssembly with a developer’s Javascript code, enabling Javascript to run in a WebAssembly runtime.

The Future (and the Past) of the Web is Server Side Rendering

This article explains how single-page applications came about and why it’s time to go back to server-side rendering, this time in more modular island architecture.

People ❤️

‘Cyclic sighing’ can help breathe away anxiety

I am still learning to manage work stress and anxiety better. My usual approach is mindfulness (meditation, taking different perspectives, etc.). But I am going to try practicing five-minute of cyclic sighing.

Meta is ‘flattening’ its workforce

It must be disheartening to learn that their leadership roles no longer exist. On the bright side, Meta provides an option for them to transition into different roles.

Business 💰

Shorts in the YouTube Partner Program: Eligibility, Ad Revenue Sharing & Analytics

Unlike the preroll or midroll ads in long-form videos, which are attributed to the creators of those videos, ads between short-form videos bear a question; should they be attributed to the previous Short creator or the following creator? YouTube chose to solve this in a Spotify-like way: all eligible creators will get a cut of the total Shorts ad revenue based on their views.

Interesting Finds 💡

React.js: The Documentary

A tech job platform produced a documentary on React.js featuring interviews of its early contributors. I haven’t watched it, but I plan on watching it.

Install a server in your house, get free hot water!

A UK company came up with the idea to use a server as a water heater, which provides free hot water to the resident and some ESG points to the owner company.

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