Young Reacts #218

Here are the articles that taught me something last week. Enjoy!

Software Engineering ⚙️

The Standard of Code Review

I’ve been thinking about changing our code review culture to be more permissive, as I feel hampered by minor feedback. I liked this core principle of Google’s guide: “In general, reviewers should favor approving a CL once it is in a state where it definitely improves the overall code health of the system being worked on, even if the CL isn’t perfect.” (emphasis mine)

Fixing a 3 second lockup in our app by switching from Apollo Client to URQL

This article got me thinking about how I would resolve the Apollo Client freezing during the initialization. The author’s team found an easy solution as they didn’t rely on Apollo Client’s caching. If swapping a GraphQL client is not easy, I don’t see an easy path forward; we could minimize data loaded initially and load data as needed. But given how Apollo works (vs. Relay), finding unnecessary data in that initial loading will be difficult. So this article made me less inclined to choose Apollo for a large single-page application.

After Alaska Airlines planes bump runway, a scramble to ‘pull the plug’

As software permeates every aspect of our lives, the code we produce has real-world consequences. It is impossible to create a bug-free system, but it’s possible to provide redundancies and workarounds for system malfunctions, like in this case.

GraphQL Network Inspector: Chrome Plugin for GraphQL network monitoring

This Chrome extension is platform-agnostic; you can use the extension with Apollo, Relay, or any other client. It can be helpful when you are playing with someone else’s website.

People ❤️

Remote work helps push disabled employment to a record high of 21%. But the gain is imperiled by return to the office mandates

Amid layoffs, more companies are mandating regular time in the offices. While I am more productive and happy to work in the office, I shouldn’t forget that working from the office will strain some of my colleagues due to family care responsibilities or mobility challenges.

Business 💰

Forget Milk and Eggs: Supermarkets Are Having a Fire Sale on Data About You

I used a 15% discount and a $5 coupon to get a bottle of champagne for our anniversary yesterday. And this article details what the store will do with that data. The store will share that information with other advertisers, and the advertisers will complement it with other sources to target me better on various platforms. “Data is the new oil.”

Notion’s now letting anyone use its AI features

Just months after ChatGPT’s arrival, it is getting integrated into our everyday tools and workflows. To take a step further, I’ve heard many have used ChatGPT to write peer feedback for review cycles, and while I am uncomfortable with the idea, I am very tempted to do that.

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