Young Reacts #220

As I hung out with my one-month-old niece, I started thinking about what the world will be like in 20 years. I had no Facebook in high school, no smartphone in my first college year, and I still had my DVDs shipped from Netflix. It’s a very different world now, and I wonder what it will become in the coming decades.

Software Engineering ⚙️

Common Beginner Mistakes with React

It’s been a while since I worked with React, so I read this refresher. I knew most of it except the mistake with an async effect function.

Code GPT: Artificial intelligence inside your IDE with this open source extension

I wasn’t aware that there are open-source Chat GPT extensions like this. I wonder how legal it is to use this for work…


This “library” is not an actual library but a collection of patterns to replace lodash or underscore utilities. Even if you can’t abandon lodash due to browser compatibility, you can read different patterns on this website to test your knowledge of modern Javascript.

People ❤️

Apple Pie Position

This tweet has a lot of corporate cliches that are generally accepted well: “We have too many meetings,” “We need to replace our team meeting with written updates,” etc. The challenge is that some of these cliches are effective in some cases and not in others. So our professional responsibility is to judge when they help the business move forward and when they do not.

Staying aligned with authority

I enjoy being a contrarian and effecting changes. But this article tells me that my success also depends on my ability to align with my manager and leadership and earn sponsorship.

Business 💰

Silicon Valley Bank has failed

In case you missed the news, Silicon Valley Bank, a bank that primarily serviced startups and VCs, had a liquidity issue and was shut down by regulators last Friday. There was a fear that this failure would instigate widespread bank runs, but Federal Reserve stepped in to protect the bank’s depositors fully on Sunday.

Silvergate has collapsed

Silvergate Bank, a bank that most crypto companies worked with, also shut down last Wednesday as its financials took a hit from the recent crypto collapse.

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  1. Interesting thoughts on what the future may hold with technology. It’s always fun to speculate.


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