Young Reacts #221

Happy Monday! I just returned from my trip to Korea, so I apologize if my jet lag shows in this issue. Enjoy 🙂

Software Engineering ⚙️

Debugging Architects

How does one stay relevant as a super-senior engineer who may not be coding as much? The author argues that debugging is an inexpensive and non-blocking way to discover the ground-level truth.

The 5 Categories of Engineering Metrics

DORA metrics (deployment frequency, lead time for changes, etc.) show an engineering team’s engineering efficiency, but the team should track more than that. Is the team meeting customers’ expectations? Are services healthy? How do individuals feel about the work?

People ❤️

Why you need a “WTF Notebook

A fresh set of eyes is a gift we can enjoy only for the first few months in a new environment. This article shares how to take full advantage of it.

Everyone messes up. Here’s how to say you’re sorry.

My takeaways are to be direct by using active language and to remember that it’s not about me but about the other person. It takes practice to apologize well. But it will further strengthen our relationships.

Life Is Easier With a Fake Assistant

Some pretend to be their assistants to be more direct in their asks and shield themselves from rejections. And it apparently works! The appearance of being important enough to have assistants helps them get dinner reservations, tickets, and so on.

Business 💰

Changes at YC

Even YC is adjusting to the macroeconomic shifts. But such an adaptation is not yet a sign of weakness.

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