Young Reacts #224

I started going to the office three days a week for my new role. None of my immediate team is in the same office, but seeing my new colleagues in person was still exciting. I even have an office mentor to help me get settled. I can see myself doing this as long as the commute does not get busier than it is already.

Software Engineering ⚙️

Semantic Line Breaks

Since Git tracks diffs in lines, it’s difficult to see what changed in long prose. But this convention utilizes the fact that most document formats ignore line breaks to split paragraphs into multiple lines, making changes more understandable.

Remixing Shopify

I just learned old news that Remix, the steward of React Router and the Remix framework, got acquired by Shopify. Shopify has been leading different technology initiatives, such as headless serverless backend, so I am curious to see how it all comes together.

New functionality for developers—brought to you by WebAssembly

It lists low-level things that are now made possible thanks to WebAssembly. You can now run a SQL database, edit videos, and run games on your browsers.

People ❤️

Here’s the latest version of our Engineering Career Framework

Dropbox updated its career ladder to describe different archetypes of senior engineers, which is the first one to do so that I know of. For example, it details that a tech lead is expected to lead and mentor their immediate team, whereas a solver is expected to tackle complex technical problems. I do wonder if the archetypes are official designations/roles.

Former Start-Up CEO Charged In $175 Million Fraud

When the CEO asked the director of engineering to fake customer data to win a $175 million acquisition, the director raised concerns and declined the request. That is real courage and integrity.

Ironically, the company’s name was “Frank.”

Business 💰

Samsung reportedly leaked its own secrets through ChatGPT

Given recent leaks such as iRobot’s and Tesla’s, we must assume that anything we share with the external systems is likely viewable to other humans. Whether that’s company secrets or private moments.

European Parliament approves pay transparency directive

Similar laws in California and New York helped me skip job postings that paid below what my family needed, which saved a lot of time in my job search. I am happy to see that pay transparency continues to spread across the globe.

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