Young Reacts #50

This issue is the 50th of my newsletter. The first issue was published on November 25, 2018, so today marks a nice full circle. I am grateful for all of my kind readers who still have the patience to open and read through the letters. Especially I want to thank those of you, including my wife Eunyoung, for your kind encouragement and necessary feedback. Looking forward to another 50!

Photo by Peri Stojnic on Unsplash

People ❤️

Privilege and inequality in Silicon Valley – Ricky Yean

I was just thinking about how privilege is everywhere (even in speaking English). Entrepreneurship is no exception. If you can’t afford to fail, you will choose not to fail.

Software Engineering 🌐

Technology Radar – Thoughtworks

This link has a survey of the technology landscape. It covers both Web and Server development which allows a UI engineer like me to reevaluate my learning investment. I found this piece, Front-end integration via artifact, most useful.

Exploratory Testing – Martin Fowler

After reading Continuous Delivery, I have religiously automated all manual tests and wrongfully chosen not to do any manual tests. I, as a result, released a fair bit of bugs to production. My colleague showed me how stable software could be with proper manual testing, which led me to read the linked article.

DataLoader v2.0 – Lee Byron

DataLoader is at the heart of GraphQL APIs. Lee Byron, the creator of the GraphQL, goes into the history and the architecture of the new DataLoader.

Business 💸

About the Apple Card – Jamie Heinemeier Hansson

“It’s just the algorithm” cannot be an excuse. Her writing makes me worry about the general inexplicability of modern-day production algorithms. Worse yet, some customer service departments may find that plausible deniability useful.

Internet disrupted in Iran amid fuel protests in multiple cities – NetBlocks

Not sure about others, I for sure take the internet for granted. Whenever I read something like this, I awake and marvel that it is working at all for most people most time.

Why More Stars Are Joining Video Games – The Hollywood Reporter

Triple-A games focused on storytelling provide deeper immersion than typical blockbuster movies. I see one day, interactive films and the storytelling games will blur into one.

What is DAI, and how does it work?

My social feed started mentioning DAI, a stablecoin, and its maker MakerDAO, so I had to look them up. Someone started living entirely off of DAI and some other coins.

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